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TrueView Insurance

We give you all the facts available to us and we stand by our word

TrueView Insurance® gives you the confidence that a member of our sales staff has personally reviewed the details of the item and verified the condition as represented by the owner. We provide assurance to you that this information is a fair representation of the equipment in its true condition.

For an additional fee (usually $250 to $1000 per inspection) Rhino Machinery will arrange a complete inspection by a professional technician. This will include the inspection of key components, photographs, selected measurements and oil/fluid samples with lab analysis.

Buy with confidence at Rhino Machinery! With the TrueView Insurance Stamp you can be confident that what you see in the pictures, descriptions and inspection reports is what you will get when you receive the equipment.


Using the information provided to you by Rhino Machinery including all photos, descriptions and Inspection Report (if purchased) as the basis for comparison, the buyer has one business day after receipt of the equipment to report to Rhino Machinery any claim of a significant discrepancy between the condition of the equipment received and the condition as described by Rhino Machinery or the Inspection Report, when TrueView Insurance® applies. In the case that a claim is filed and if the discrepancy is validated through the Rhino Machinery dispute resolution process, Rhino Machinery may either elect to refund the purchase price to the buyer or settle such claim in another mutually beneficial manner to the buyer such as participating in the cost of repair.