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Rhino Machinery makes buying and selling heavy construction equipment easy, convenient and hassle-free.
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Buying Construction Equipment at Rhino Machinery

Rhino Machinery makes buying construction equipment and cranes simple, convenient, and hassle-free. You can buy with confidence knowing Rhino Machinery stands behind the descriptions and inspections of the equipment we represent to you.

Browse Available Construction Equipment

  • New machines are added every day, so there's always a good deal to be found
  • You can browse equipment by type, make and location
  • View detailed information about machines on the Machine Page
  • Rhino Machinery strives to get the most accurate descriptions of what we sell
  • When you need more information, you can request pictures, answers to specific questions or an inspection report
  • If you don't see what you are looking for right now, you can post a Want to Buy and receive notification when there is a match

Inspection Reports

Rhino will provide a certified inspection at the buyer's expense. Each report includes:

  • Details and specifications
  • Photos of the equipment
  • Covers everything from general appearance through oil sample analysis

We back up the reports with our TrueView Insurance, which guarantees that the equipment is as good as we say it is.


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